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omega-greed wrote:
"Could you please change the link of Red X to my current one please? Forgot to say I changed it before."

of course! I’ll change it c: thanks for letting me know!

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Anonymous wrote:
"Can i please be the white raven in your family of teen titans? The one where she is connected with all of her parts and her magic is at the fullest. I can see you really care bout the people who go on your blog and that's great because not many people do that. :) But can you please tell me where you get all the episodes? I cant find all 5 seasons on you tube.,thankyouthankyou for making this it gives me the feels for teen titans. :( miss them! bye! <33 can you make gifs about cyborg and food?lol"

YES YOU CAN. ;w; but you have to come off anon so i can add you.

I really do love my followers and I feel so bad that I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve been pretty busy but winter break I’m going to rewatch teen titans and make a ton of gifs for you guys!

and sure thing! I’ll try my best to work on that for you c:

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ensign-chevvy1 wrote:
"I love you!!! I'm going to reblog a lot of you because there just are NOT enough Teen Titans blogs. My childhood fandom has been renewed <3"

I’m so glad you enjoy this blog <33 Honestly when you guys send messages like this, it makes me so happy and motivated to make more gifs/edits for you guys :)

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fastest-boy-alive wrote:
"((Hello~! ;u; Could I by any chance request a gif from Lightspeed? ;V; Just of Mammoth walking out of that store and grinning at the energy bar? It's something around 6-minutes in, and he just smiles as he ducks under the doorframe and steps out. |Dc;; <3 ))"

Of course, I’ll work on it right now :))

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Anonymous wrote:
"Hi! Love love love your blog! Umm i would like to make a request, please? You know the episode Spell bound? And Raven says I'm not creepy, I'm just different? Do you think you could make a gif of it, please??"

wow, sorry I’m late on this. 

No problem, I’ll make it right now :)

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Anonymous wrote:
"Um, could you do a gif set of the scene from Deep Six where Aqualad and Beast Boy are arguing after both fighting Trident? The scene right before where they start working together? :) Thank you!"

Yes of course! I’ll start working on that! :D

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magicleawicked wrote:
"Your blog is giving me all sorts of Teen Titans feels :) I love it so much!"

That’s so sweet! aww, I’m glad you love it :)

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Anonymous wrote:
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